Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pepper Progress

I have officially begun to start seeds.  According to my seed starting calendar (from Grow Great Grub), my pepper plants needed the earliest start.  They need to be pampered inside for 8-10 weeks before they'll be ready to go outside.  So I picked up a bag of seed starting mix at Lowes today and got down to business.

Based on what I've been reading, peppers can be hard to germinate.  Some folks even recommend soaking in warm water overnight.  I didn't have the patience for that, plus neither my go-to gardening book nor my seed packets recommended it.  Instead, I decided to go with quantity.  I will probably plant two of each pepper variety (Yolo Wonder, Santa Fe Grande, and early Jalapeno) so I planted five cells of each.  I went with two seeds per cell.  If both seeds in a cell germinate, I'll thin them out after they get their first true leaves.

The recommended sowing window for my area is March 2-16, so if I don't get any seedlings in ten days or so, I'll just try again.

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