Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catch up!

I'm already having to catch up with my seedlings!  On Sunday I came home from a nice visit to Virginia and took advantage of daylight savings time to plant some seeds.  I planted 5 cells of cucumbers and eight cells of pink climber tomatoes.  I also sowed a handful of mixed lettuce and greens seeds in the bottom half of a gallon milk jug.  I will almost certainly sow some more lettuce seeds in additional cells or direct-sow lettuce in the raised beds once it gets a bit warmer.  These guys will just be microgreens or baby lettuces.  In truth, I planted some lettuce mostly because lettuces are quick germinators and I was hoping for some near-instant gratification.

Those little lettuce seeds sure delivered!  I already have 5-6 seedlings trying to poke up from the dirt.  So first lettuces germinated in just two days.  They make me totally happy, and they give me something to focus on so I can try to be patient for my peppers.  I know I shouldn't expect pepper seedlings yet (minimum 10 days to germination and I'm only on day 7) but I still check for them every day!

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